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Coronavirus: Info for our domestic aids

How do we deal with the corona virus at Partena Hulp in huis? Read all about the general agreements for all our domestic aids here. Also check out the answers to a few FAQs.

This page will be updated daily, so please check this frequently for the latest information.

LAST UPDATE: Tuesday 07/072020 -12h00

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Dear colleague, 

As you know, we have re-initiated our services since the 20th of April, and today  some 1.000 colleagues are back at work.  This is about half of our employee base, servicing around 5.000 of our clients. We are receiving many positive and heart-warming reactions.  Hence we would like to thank you once again for your dedication during these difficult times!

Meanwhile, the National Security Council has announced an exit plan for this lock-down period. The Flemmish Government, the RVA (national employment service) and Federgon (the federation representing our industry) have translated this exit plan into clear instructions.

These instructions stipulate that we must all go back to work if there is sufficient work to be delivered, respecting the security measurements. When clients seek help, and we both follow the safety instructions, we can work in a secure manner. Consequently, we can no longer call for temporary unemployment, unless if the clients do not want to be serviced yet.

We have contacted our clients to find out who wants to utilize our services. Some are keen to restart, others prefer to wait a little longer.

If you are not at work yet, we will call you during the coming days in order to check when you can start working at which clients. If some of your clients wish to be serviced and others not, you can go back to work partially, and combine that with partial temporary unemployment. It goes without saying that you will receive a package with protective equipment and safety instructions.

Should you not be willing or not be able to start working, we advise you to discuss your reasons with your consultant, and search for possible solutions together. You may know that our government is foreseeing extra parental leave in specific circumstances.

We will not be able to go back to work all together yet. And we will not be able to service all of our clients yet. But we truly hope that in some weeks from now, an even larger amount of our colleagues will be working again. You can count on us for making sure to organise this in a safe way.

Good luck to those of you who are at work already, and keep safe!

Frequently asked questions

The payment of your salary for the month of April

As always, the payment is made on the 3rd working day of the following month, so wages will go to the bank on Wednesday 06/05.

On Wednesday, May 6:

  • We pay the balance of your wages for the month of April if you started working again.
  • The mileage allowance for the month of March will be paid.
  • We send the C3.2 employer to your payment institution. When will you receive the temporary unemployment benefit? That depends on your union or aid fund.

Do you work part-time medically? The HR department will provide your monthly income statement to your health insurance fund.

Were you ill during the period of temporary unemployment? We will send the information sheet (employer part) to your health insurance fund as soon as possible, so that they can pay your benefit.


Am I still receiving an allowance when I restart working partially?

Absolutely! Your consultant will define your schedule e.g. you may be working 2 days a week while still being employed under the status “werkloosheid door overmacht” (unemployed due to force majeure) on the other days of the week…. We guarantee you will receive the correct salary for those days (70% and allowance).

Why did I not receive an advance payment?

Unfortunately the payment institutions do not apply advance payments and final salary payment mechanisms.  You will get paid only once, upon termination of the month. 

Temporary unemployment due to force majeure

Since March 18th, 2020, the system of temporary unemployment due to force majeure has been applicable. At this stage, we have gone back to work partially.

  • Should you not be willing or able to go back to work, we will discuss with you what the options are, in regards to holidays.
  • Should you have gone back to work, you are entitled to unemployment benefit for those timeslots on your planning where you do not have a client scheduled yet due to the corona virus.

What should I do to obtain this unemployment benefit?

The RVA has simplified the procedure for employees in temporary unemployment, and for the time being the form C3.2A is not required because the RVA will contact us directly in order to gather all required information. 


Do you fall ill during the period of temporary unemployment? Then you are entitled to a benefit from the health insurance fund. To obtain this benefit, you must take the following steps:

  • Report your illness to your consultant (via text or email).
  • Immediately submit your "confidential document" to the health insurance fund (this must be done within 14 days in order not to lose any benefits). So let your doctor fill this in immediately during your consultation. 
    Members of Partena Mutuality may exceptionally deliver this document digitally ! You can do this by uploading the document on this page. Or by post to Partena Ziekenfonds - dienst Arbeidsongeschiktheid, Sluisweg 2 bus 1 in 9000 Gent.
  • If you have a doctor’s certificate, please send it to us digitally. It is uncertain that the 'regular' mail will be processed on time. Please take a picture of your doctor’s note and send it by e-mail to your consultant or to personeelsdienst@partena-partners.be or WhatsApp 0492 13 32 86.

Corona parental leave

On the 2nd of May 2020 our government communicated their decision on the 'corona parental leave', stipulating that, upon agreement with your employer, you may reduce your working time by 1/2 or 1/5 of your regular work schedule. This regulation also applies to adoptive and foster parents. 

Please note there are strict conditions that apply: 

  • You must have been employed since 1 month as a minimum.
  • You must have a labour contract of at least 28.5 hours.
  • The child for whom you claim corona parental leave cannot be older than 12 years.
  • You can request corona parental leave by weeks or months.
  • This corona parental leave can be taken from 1 May until 30 June 2020.

The utilisation of corona parental leave will not be deducted from the regular parental leave rights- it is an extra, on top of the existing parental leave.

You may take corona parental leave between 1 May and 30 June 2020, in either weeks or months. Full-time employees can chose between 1/5 or 1/2. Part-time employees with a work schedule of at least 75%, can only claim corona parental leave 1/2.

Employees who are on parental leave already, are entitled to have this converted into corona parental leave with their employer’s consent.

At present, it is not possible yet to claim corona parental leave from the RVA (our national employment office). We will inform you as soon as this is possible.

Should you wish to take corona parental leave, you must contact your consultant to fill out the required form and send it to personeelsdienst@partena-partners.be.

Do you still have paper service vouchers at home?

Please send them to us as soon as possible, in a white Partena envelope. Alternatively, you can use any stamped envelope and send it to the following address: Partena Hulp in huis - Dienst Boekhouding, Sluisweg 2 in  9000 Gent.

When will I receive my next schedule?

We will not be sending any schedules by post this week. As soon as we have decided when we will reactivate our services, we will send you a new and updated schedule. 

The most recent information about the virus can always be found at www.info-coronavirus.be.

Partena Luisterlijn also listens to you!

We want to offer all our colleagues the necessary support. That is why we have extended the services of Partena Luisterlijn to all our employees.

If you have personal concerns that you would like to discuss or if you have questions about trivial or complex situations in your life, you can contact this special number of the Luisterlijn for Partena employees: T. 0800 88082. Read here how a professional psychologist can help you.

Thank you so much for your understanding, your daily commitment, and your hard work.
Stay safe, take care of yourself and your relatives.

Kristel Bracke, director of Partena Hulp in huis


Read the info in Dutch.

Read the info in French.


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