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Coronavirus: Info for our domestic aids

How do we deal with the corona virus at Partena en OZ Poets- en strijkhulp? Read all about the general agreements for all our domestic aids here. Also check out the answers to a few FAQs.

This page will be updated daily, so please check this frequently for the latest information.

LAST UPDATE: Tuesday november 2nd 2020


Dear colleagues, 

The corona statistics do not lie, things are not going in the right direction in our country. And we all need to contribute in stopping this pandemic. We hear and share your and our customers’ concerns. We must take good care of each other, and apply the measurements strictly. 

What does that mean for you? 

Why are you allowed to continue to work, when only one person is authorized to visit your family?  

  • That one person is somebody with whom you have close contact, within less than 1.5 meter social distance, and without wearing a face mask.  This is the so-called “hugging contact”.
  • You may clean at multiple families because you respect the 1.5 meter social distance, wear your face mask, air the rooms in which you are working, and wash your hands regularly.
  • We ask our customer to cancel their appointments if they are unable to respect these measurements. Should you observe that these measurements are not followed, you must contact your consultant immediately. 

Why were we closed in March, but continue to work today? 

  • During the first wave in March we didn't know what was coming our way and we were not prepared for it either. We had no idea how contagious the virus was and we had no security framework nor protective equipment.
  • But today we do! During the past months we have learned that – if we follow the measurements strictly – the virus will fortunately not spread while we are doing our jobs.
  • We continue to have sufficient stocks of protective equipment – should you run out of it, do not hesitate to contact your consultant as quickly as possible. Do this enough time in advance, because our consultants are only allowed to be present in our offices during a limited amount of time. 

When will the appointment be canceled? 

  • We have asked our customers to cancel their appointment with us when they are in quarantine, when they are waiting for the result of a corona medical test, when they are ill, or when they cannot follow the safety measurements.
  • If they can respect these measurements and guarantee a safe working environment for you, then the appointment can be executed as planned. 

Let us take very good care of each other

For plenty of customers we will be the only person they will be seeing in the coming weeks. Keep it safe for yourself and your relatives.

Frequently asked questions

Proof than you cannot work remotely

According to the current measurements you do not need a written approval for your commute. Anyone is allowed to move around freely. However, you do need a form to confirm that you are unable to work remotely. This is an easy one for you: your planning will meet this requirement, as it confirms that you are employed as a cleaning aid working at customers’ premises. So please make sure you always carry your planning with you, either on paper or on your mobile phone, when you are working.

Temporary unemployment due to force majeure

Since March 18th, 2020, the system of temporary unemployment due to force majeure has been applicable. At this stage, we have gone back to work partially.

  • Should you not be willing or able to go back to work, we will discuss with you what the options are, in regards to holidays.
  • Should you have gone back to work, you are entitled to unemployment benefit for those timeslots on your planning where you do not have a client scheduled yet due to the corona virus.

What should I do to obtain this unemployment benefit?

The RVA has simplified the procedure for employees in temporary unemployment, and for the time being the form C3.2A is not required because the RVA will contact us directly in order to gather all required information. 


Do you fall ill during the period of temporary unemployment? Then you are entitled to a benefit from the health insurance fund. To obtain this benefit, you must take the following steps:

  • Report your illness to your consultant (via text or email).
  • Immediately submit your "confidential document" to the health insurance fund (this must be done within 14 days in order not to lose any benefits). So let your doctor fill this in immediately during your consultation. 
    Members of Partena Mutuality may exceptionally deliver this document digitally ! You can do this by uploading the document on this page. Or by post to Partena Ziekenfonds - dienst Arbeidsongeschiktheid, Sluisweg 2 bus 1 in 9000 Gent.
  • If you have a doctor’s certificate, please send it to us digitally. It is uncertain that the 'regular' mail will be processed on time. Please take a picture of your doctor’s note and send it by e-mail to your consultant or to personeelsdienst@partena-partners.be or WhatsApp 0492 13 32 86.

Partena Luisterlijn also listens to you!

We want to offer all our colleagues the necessary support. That is why we have extended the services of Partena Luisterlijn to all our employees.

If you have personal concerns that you would like to discuss or if you have questions about trivial or complex situations in your life, you can contact this special number of the Luisterlijn for Partena employees: T. 0800 88082. Read here how a professional psychologist can help you.

Keep it safe for yourself and your family!

Warm regards,

Kristel Bracke, director of Partena Hulp in huis


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