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Dear colleague,

We have fantastic news for you! From the 1st of January 2021, the OZ group and Partena will unite their forces to deliver services in the area of service checks, day-care and their shops. On the 1st of January 2022, their health insurance funds will merge also, as decided by the General Meeting of OZ and Partena that took place yesterday.

Why this merger?  

We have been working closely together behind the scenes already. We are both independent, and we share a broad vision on health and wellbeing. We are proud that Partena and OZ, in this new organisation, will  represent over a million customers. Hence a great opportunity! We will be able to serve our customers even better, and we will extend our service offerings also. More than ever will we be a stable employer with even more chances for our employees. You and your colleagues will thus be the heart of our new organisation.

What does this mean for you?  

This merger does not change too much for you: you will continue to do the same job at the same customers. Each organisation has its own way of working, which we will streamline in the future. This results in a few changes e.g. Partena colleagues will be paid by a different social secretariat and their payslip will be in a different lay-out, OZ colleagues will no longer need to dial in their worked hours as this will be fully automated in 2021. We will surely inform you in advance about what will change for you.

Are we OZ or Partena? 

As of 2021 we will be one organisation, and where possible will use a common logo 'Partena and OZ'.  As of 2022 we will have a new brand name and logo, which will be revealed later on.

Have your customers been informed yet?

As is the case for you, not an awful lot will change for your customers either. Tomorrow we will be sending them an announcement about this merger. Later this year they will receive more concrete information about our service delivery. If your customers have questions, you can refer them to our web site www.partena-oz.be.

This announcement does not mean yet that as of tomorrow we will be one company – there are still many questions to be answered, including yours. We do not have all the answers yet but via a monthly newsletter we will keep you informed about this merger and what this means to you. Do you have questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to reach out to your consultant!

Kind regards,

Kristel Bracke
Directeur Partena Hulp in huis

Benjamin Tegenbos 
Manager Comfort, Dienstencheques Activiteiten



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