Workshop First Aid for Baby and Child up to 12 years (Jette)

Nobody likes to think of their baby or child being in an emergency situation. Learning first aid will give you the confidence to be able to help should you ever need to.

This afternoon course covers a range of childhood emergency situations. He has been designed with parents in mind, to guide them through each emergency situation step by step. 

You’ll receive practical, hands-on learning of some key skills, such as:
• dealing with an emergency situation
• helping a choking baby and child
• helping an unconscious  breathing baby and child
• helping an unconscious not breathing baby and child (CPR)
• when to call 112 and what to say to the operator in order to obtain the help of the local emergency medical services system (ambulance, fire-brigade, police) as soon as possible

This workshop is perfect for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, family members,  babysitters and people who care professionally for a child up to 12 years.

Organized by Alert Opleidingen in collaboration with the Partena Ziekenfonds, Partenamut and Parkresidentie.


Saturday, 21 May 2016 from 13 till 16hrs


Parkresidentie, rue Saint-Vincent de Paul 2A, 1090 Jette


26 euro/person (21 euro/person for members of Partena Ziekenfonds or Partenamut if using the code ehbaby@partena when completing the sign up process)


You need to sign up in order to attend this workshop. You can do this via the website of Alert Opleidingen.


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